Quality court-connected behavioral health services

Photo Forensic counseling is the application of assessment and intervention services in legal settings. These types of services recognize the reality that there often is a third party, namely the court, with a distinct interest in the outcome or the process involved.

There are extensive professional and legal requirements involved when working with court-connected cases and throughout these pages you can find links and references to various professional organization guidelines that help direct our work.

Information available on these pages

For possible clients, please review the information and documents available on this website before contacting us with any general questions you may have. We cannot respond to case-specific questions unless a formal working relationship has been established. For questions regarding legal issues please have your attorney contact our office.

Starting services

If you have been referred for services, you can download detailed intstructions and intake documents on the corresponding service page. If you and your co-parent have jointly been referred for services, generally we will schedule your first appointment after we receive completed intake forms and initial retainer payments from all parties.