Other Services

Guardian Ad Litem Appointments

At times there may be situations involving various behavioral and social issues where the court turns to us, as mental health professionals experienced in forensic matters, to assist in making determinations as to what future plans may be in the best interests of children. A Guardian Ad Litems ("GAL") works with both parents to help resolve differences where possible, and serves as an advocate for children's needs, rather than as a partisan in the dispute between parents, for the court. A GAL is often preferable when there are narrow issues not necessarily requiring a formal Child Custody Evaluation, or where there is need for a day-to-day problemsolving approach to complicated family issues.

Parent Education

Often otherwise excellent parents may find themselves overwhelmed by issues related to an unexpected divorce or child custody issue. These can be situations in which "learning as you go" can not only be hazardous to your own feelings of security and serenity but to your child or children's as well. We highly recommend any parent who finds themselves in such a situation attend a parent education class such as those offered by Children in the Middle, but sometimes general information is only a starting point. Short term parent education sessions are designed to provide directed education about how to handle some of the common (and uncommon) changes your family may be going through.

Professional Education Services

We are available to speak at various professional events and offer professional training on a number of topics, including domestic violence and child abuse issues in family court, professionally supervised visitation, and court testimony for mental health professionals. Please contact us directly to discuss your needs. We are generally scheduled for speaking engagements several months ahead of time, so please contact us with plenty of advance notice.

Dr. Robb is approved to offer Continuing Education programs for Licensed Professional Counselors, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists, and Social Workers.

LPC CEU provider #441
Social Work CEU provider #3319
LMFT CEU provider #172