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Court-related services

Forensic counseling is the application of assessment and intervention services in legal settings. These types of services recognize the reality that there often is a third party, namely the court, with a distinct interest in the outcome or the process involved.

There are extensive professional and legal requirements involved when working with court-connected cases and throughout these pages you can find links and references to various professional organization guidelines that help direct our work.

Evaluation Services

The most common forensic services we provide are assessments of family functioning for the courts. Forensic evaluations generally involve many hours of interview as well as substantial paperwork and review of background history. These assessments are usually in the form of social study evaluations (also known as child custody evaluations) for contested suits affecting the parent-child relationshp. Such cases always have more than one side to them, and to provide appropriate professional services evaluation of all parties is generally required.

We also provide evaluations for families going through the process of adoption. Even when a potential adoptive parent is already a stepparent or other relative of the child or children in question the court will usually require a brief evaluation before finalizing the adoption.

All evaluations must be arranged through an order of the court.

Intervention Services

For families experiencing separation related difficulties or post-separation issues we are available for parenting facilitation and individual adult therapy. Our staff also provides supervised visitation services.

A number of other court related professional services are also available. For further information please visit the links in the navigation bar. For possible clients, please review the information and documents available on this website before contacting us with any general questions you may have. We cannot respond to case-specific questions unless a formal working relationship has been established. For any case-specific questions prior to having us appointed please have your attorney contact our office to discuss possible services.

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